Welcome to AsiaCreations™ Décor and Fashion

Here at AsiaCreations™ Décor and Fashion you'll find fine handmade and environmentally responsible products originating from Asia.

Traditional and modern handmade bamboo umbrellas. Rain or shine, you are protected. Made with bamboo, a material that grows fast and abundantly in our area.

Folding fan hats with handmade bamboo frames, easy to put into a small bag, easy to unfold and to wear for sun protection. Small footprint, lightweight, easy-to-use.

Greeting cards with pressed flowers and herbs, made of banana tree paper. Truly unique greeting cards, fully handmade.

Twig pencils made from fast-growing twigs, embellished with a variety of figures. These toony creatures are made of clean, natural discarded materials and are artistically shaped and painted with natural, non-toxic colours.

Wire art motorbikes, made of aluminum wire, some plastic lining and a lot of handcrafting. Probably the best wire-art motorcycles in the world, even if we say so ourselves!

Folding hand fans, wedding fans and party fans with strong bamboo frames and a variety of cover materials from mulberry paper to rayon, in many colours.

Soap flowers made of real soap, handcarved by skilled flower carving artisans. Available in 21 exquisite flower types, two sizes and three types of cases.

Mango wood candle holders, handmade from environmentally responsible mango wood originating from fruit tree plantations, where older tress are being replaced with new trees. Stylish Asian design, long-lasting.

We've been on the internet since 2002, featuring environmentally responsible home décor, garden décor and fashion items, locally made from natural, renewable materials - with one of the net's first open source shopping carts offering real tangible items with full international shipping.

In May 2012 we finalised our site renovation! We'll be adding more products and fashion items. Contact us if you have any question!

Wire Art Motorbikes Showroom

AsiaCreations Showroom: High quality and high value wire art motorbikesWelcome to our Showroom for Handcrafted Wire Art Motorbikes!

Browse Asia's finest handcrafted wire art motorcycles, made by specialised skilled Artisans in the north eastern region of Thailand. Tangible high quality, and visually high-tech. Probably the best wire art motorbikes in the world.

All wire art motorcycles are available in several colours: black, blue, clear, green, red violet and white. Of course there are some who say a motorbike must be either black or red...

Folding Fans Showroom

AsiaCreations Showroom: Solid colour handheld mulberry paper folding fan in medium purpleSavour the traditional way of keeping cool - with a handmade and environmentally friendly handheld folding fan. Folding fans are exceptionally useful for all occasions and events where its hot under the sun and in the shade. They're low or no operating cost, silent, easy to handle, and effective.

Folding Bamboo Fans

Our showroom exclusively features handheld folding fans with bamboo frames and mulberry paper cover. Bamboo is a highly environmentally friendly and quickly renewable resource, and so is mulberry paper. Its manufacture is environmentally friendly, your use is too.

Umbrellas Showroom

AsiaCreations Showroom: Carved Soap Flower type: Cosmos in orange and yellowWelcome to our Showroom for Handmade Bamboo Umbrellas!

In our area of southeast Asia, bamboo is an abundant and quickly growing plant. Naturally, craftswomen and craftsmen over the centuries have honed their skills of crafting it into an abundance of products, both for household and decorative use. It is a very workable and strong material. At the same time it is environmentally friendly because it is easily planted and grows very quickly. After useful product life, it decomposes naturally under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, such as by composting or in modern landfills.

Greeting Cards Showroom

 Banana Paper Greeting Card BC15Welcome to our Greeting Cards Showroom! We like to present to you our greeting cards made of handmade banana paper, hand decorated with natural pressed flowers, leaves and grasses.

Countryside Bananas

Unlike the banana's that you encounter in a western department store, northern Thailand's bananas are generally not grown on plantations. You'll usually find them in the countryside's ubiquitous small private patches, either as a source of additional income for rice or vegetable farmers, or as a self-sufficiency source of food and nutrition.

These home grown bananas are often of the "sweet banana" type, they are somewhat smaller and, as the name indicates, positively delicious. They're said to be of high nutritional value, and one of the first "solid" foods that babies will receive.

Banana Paper

There are other surprising uses for the banana plant. One of these is paper making.

Twig Pencils Showroom

Asiacreations Showroom: Twig Pencils by Foon™ Creatures, model: ParrotTake delight in our collection of twig pencils!

Our twig pencils by brand name Foon™ Creatures are made from natural twigs and decorated with colourful, imaginative animals and creatures perched on top of the pencils. Elephants, cockatoo's, dragons, frogs, lizards, even Nemo the clown fish!

Your kids will love them, and so will you! They are easy to use as pencils, are relatively inexpensive. they should not be underestimated as valuable educational gifts encouraging childrens' creative imagination. Both, in appreciating the pencils' details and using it.

Soap Flowers Showroom

AsiaCreations Showroom: Carved Soap Flower type: Cosmos in orange and yellowWith our Carved Soap Flowers, AsiaCreations™ Décor and Fashion proudly presents one of its longest running product lines.

Our soap flowers are hand carved by highly specialised and experienced artisans in the Chiang Mai area, using real pieces of high quality, mildly fragrant soap bars.

Our Carved Soap Flowers are available in eighteen flower types, two sizes, three types of decorative cases. Each soap flower case is individually presented in an attractive mulberry paper box.

Folding Fan Hats Showroom

AsiaCreations showroom: Folding Sun hatsWelcome to our showroom for Folding Fan Hats.

Our collection currently features 37 models of folding fan hats. The hats are handmade, using a bamboo frame and fabric material. They they can be folded for easy carrying in just about any handbag. When needed, they are quickly expanded to provide cool shade from the sun.

The bamboo frame is lightweight yet strong. As a quickly growing local, natural resource, bamboo is an environmentally friendly material.

The fabric is T/C Cotton (terylene cotton), also a strong and lightweight material, partially natural and, like many other modern fabrics, partially artificial in a 65% cotton, 35% polyester combination.

Candle Holders Showroom

Welcome to our showroom for Mango Wood Candle Holders!

Our candle holders are made of mango wood harvested from mango fruit plantations, where mango trees are being replaced. The wood is environmentally friendly, as by its nature it is not harvested from natural forest areas.

Skilled artisans turn and shape the wood, which may then be carved manifold traditional and new design patterns, stained or painted and finished.

All candle holders include white or black colour tea lights, as shown in our images.

Artisans of Northern Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is located in tropical Southeast Asia. It borders Laos, Cambodia, the Gulf of Thailand, Malaysia, the Andaman Sea and Burma. Our grandparents still knew the country as Siam. As an unneeded clarification, the country is not in any way related to China or Taiwan.

Before we get to know a bit more about our Artisans and AsiaCreations itself, lets have a look at the places where we live and work. We'll start with a general overview and then get down to details... Like, what's the daily minimum wage in northern Thailand?

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