About us

AsiaCreations Décor and Fashion

Handmade from local, natural, renewable materials - people friendly and environmentally friendly, directly from the manufacturing artisans in the northern Thailand golden triangle area.

People Friendly

All our products are made by small, family artisan workshops. The artisans work independently as their own boss, with their workshops located at the family premises - no factories, sweatshops, or child labour. A number of workshops also employ non-family craftspeople. The AsiaCreations team knows each artisan personally and we consider our artisans our personal friends. While this generates a positive work atmosphere all around, last but not least, it enhances product quality and dependability.

Environmentally Friendly

Most, if not all of our products on AsiaCreations are environmentally friendly. In our definition, "environmentally friendly" means that our products are made from local, renewable materials using processes that safeguard the environment as much as possible. We understand that the definition of "environmentally friendly" is not universal and at times controversial (Wikipedia).

We limit our product lines in doing our best to preserve our local environment. You won't find hardwood in any one of our product lines, since it can't always be guaranteed that it actually originates from managed forests (regardless of certificates) - instead you'll find products made of resources that are inherently guaranteed to be environmentally friendly: bamboo (quickly renewable and abundant), mango-wood (from fruit plantations), handmade mulberry paper (quickly renewable shrubs, often only using the bark, which regenerates). Granted, some items use artificial textiles and our wire art motorcycles use steel wire and plastic linings.

Socially Responsible

We follow the principles of Fair Trade in all our work with suppliers, employees and customers. All employed staff receive appropriate salaries and benefits, and enjoy social security, which includes provisions for medical care. We actively support local educational development and local youth sports events. As a business enterprise we find it proper and fitting to make sure we pay our national and local taxes as they benefit the country and the community. We are a proponent of effective and efficient social services - rendered on a not-for-profit basis.

JEDI International, Ltd.

AsiaCreations™ Décor and Fashion (retail) is owned and operated by the same team that brings you JediCreations™ Handmade Village Crafts & Home Décor (wholesale), and JediConsult™ Small and Medium Enterprise Assistance (professional services). These are operated under our umbrella of JEDI International, Ltd., a fairly small, family-run company. You may find JEDI at www.jedi.asia.

We strive for satisfied customers, meaningful work and employment, safeguarding our environment, and generating a positive return - specifically in this order of priorities.

Experience and Growth

Being in business since 2002 we have ample experience in working together with professional craftspeople and international customers. We are well experienced in production, packaging, sales, world-wide shipping and international customer service. You'll find the AsiaCreations team friendly, efficient, economical and dependable. At the same time we are open to further improvement and new ideas.

Thailand Direct

Our products originate directly from northern Thailand. You'll find our retail prices low. At the same time, we've configured our product packages to minimise shipping cost per item. For small quantities, our "Small Packet" achieves a very good shipping economy.

We specialise in both retail and wholesale exports. Contact us if you like to represent our current and future products in your own country.

We're in business for the long term. We take pride in satisfying our customers for over 15 years and the years to come.

Ms Supaporn Pochuay
& AsiaCreations Team

Managing Director
JEDI International, Ltd.