Twig Pencils Showroom

Asiacreations Showroom: Twig Pencils by Foon™ Creatures, model: ParrotTake delight in our collection of twig pencils!

Our twig pencils by brand name Foon™ Creatures are made from natural twigs and decorated with colourful, imaginative animals and creatures perched on top of the pencils. Elephants, cockatoo's, dragons, frogs, lizards, even Nemo the clown fish!

Your kids will love them, and so will you! They are easy to use as pencils, are relatively inexpensive. they should not be underestimated as valuable educational gifts encouraging childrens' creative imagination. Both, in appreciating the pencils' details and using it.

The pencils are handmade in the northern Thailand countryside using not whole trees, but simply by harvesting small branches that the tree replaces within a reasonably short time.

The animals and figures are made from sawdust that results from manufacturing furniture, windows and doors. The sawdust is transformed into a mix, then skillfully sculpted and painted.

Twig pencils are by our own brand Foon™ Creatures. The name is derived from the Thai word "ฝุ่น", meaning "sawdust". Do you have any questions regarding our Foon™ Creatures twig pencils? Just > ask us using our contact page.


See our product catalogue > Foon™ Creatures: Twig Pencils.

The brand Foon™ Creatures is an international trademark by AsiaCreations™ Décor and Fashion and JEDI International, Ltd.