Circle Candle Holders - Inline Stripes

Image: Circle Candle Holders for Tea Lights - Inline Stripes

Hand carved circular candle holder triplets for tea lights, made with environmentally friendly, aged mango wood from mango fruit tree plantations. This candle holder features a design with handcarved in-line stripes and black tea lights. The three individual different size rings can be placed inside each other.

Each triplet contains three pieces, individually:
- large, about 20.5x6.5x10 cm (8x2½x4 inch), 260 gram (10 ounce)
- medium, about 15x6.5x7.5 cm (6x2½x3 inch), 140 gram (5 ounce)
- small, about 10x6.5x4 cm (4x2½x1½ inch), 60 gram (2 ounce)

Choose a set of 2 or a set of 3 triplets.

Image: Triplet of Circular Candle Holders, Carved In-line Stripes design
Set: 2 or 3 - Triplets Carved In-line Stripes Circular Candle Holders with black tea lights
Made to order: 14 days manufacturing time