Circle Candle Holders - Rubber Leaf

Image: Circle Candle Holders for Tea Lights - Rubber Leaf

Circular candle holder triplets in brown finish with a natural rubber tree leaf. Made with environmentally friendly, aged mango wood. Hand carved and elegantly finished. The two smaller rings can be stacked into the larger ring.

These triplets are in brown finish, each decorated with a rubber tree leaf.

Each triplet contains three pieces, individually:
- large, approximately 20.5x6.5x10 cm (8x2½x4 inch), 260 gram (10 ounce)
- medium, approximately 15x6.5x7.5 cm (6x2½x3 inch), 140 gram (5 ounce)
- small, approximately 10x6.5x4 cm (4x2½x1½ inch), 60 gram (2 ounce)

Available in a set of 2 and a set of 3 triplets.

Image: Triplet of Circular Candle Holders, Rubber Tree Leaf design
Set: 2 or 3 - Triplets Rubber Tree Leaf design Circular Candle Holders with tea lights
Production time: 14 days