Privacy Policy and Data Security

AsiaCreations™ Décor and Fashion and its parent, JEDI International, Ltd. take your privacy and your security seriously.


Our privacy statementWe will never share contact, payment or other information with anyone, other than those required to complete your purchase and those required by law.

Your account

A new account is created automatically when you purchase an item, or when you decide to create an account before you purchase. The creation of a new account, sometimes also referred to as "registration", means that you supply name, email, address and phone details.

Name and address details

Name, address and phone details are needed to calculate shipping cost, prepare the payment process, and contact you if needed. This information is stored in your account and is available only to yourself and to us. You can modify this information at any time according to your preference, except for orders that have already been placed. To make your purchase possible, some of this information is shared with the payment processor, Paypal. So, their privacy policy applies as well.

Browsing data and cookies

Our site collects non-personal statistical data such as your originating ip address, the browser and operating system you use, and your internet service provider. If you have 'cookies' enabled on your web-browser, as is usually the case, your computer may remember its visit with us. These are non-personally identifiable statistical data that most other websites collect as well. These too, are not shared with anyone.

Your browser setting for cookies needs to be "enabled" for logging in, adding items to the shopping cart and for the duration of making a purchase. If your setting for cookies is generally "disabled", it is sufficient to switch to allow cookies temporarily or for session use only.

Mailing list

We do not maintain a mailing list. If in the future we would decide to send periodical emails, we may send our registered users and customers an email requesting permission to do so.


An exception to the non-disclosure of statistical and personal information is for abuse of our web site, email, and for abuse or fraudulent use of financial transactions, which are reported to the authorities, or if we are required to do so by law. So far, we have not disclosed such information on these grounds since our establishment.


Website security

AsiaCreations™ Décor and Fashion uses the Drupal content management system with Ubercart shopping cart. Drupal is a modern systems-based open-source software and is rigorously tested and updated on a continuous basis. Drupal is used, for example, by > this website.

Company Validation and SSL protection

Our web site AsiaCreations™ Décor and Fashion carries Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 and Extended Validation Certificates, issued by international certification authority StartCom, Ltd.

This means that our control over our site has been verified, its owner has been verified to be our parent JEDI International, Ltd. and that our company is certified to be valid and properly registered. Additionally, whenever you see the lock and green bar (or green text) in the address bar you are guaranteed to be protected with strong secure socket layer (SSL) encryption.

To view our validated identity details, please click on the StartCom, Ltd. seal on the left.

Paypal and credit card payment

Secure payment with PaypalWe do not process online payments ourselves. Instead we work with PayPal® to process payments. This means that our website limits its stored details to your name and address details, ordered products and email address. We do not store payment information.

Paypal says they also offer payment by credit card without being a Paypal member. In all cases, Paypal's privacy policy and terms apply. If you do not wish to use Paypal, contact us, we can process your order manually with 2Checkout, bank transfer or another way. We do not work with Western Union.


We do not expect to modify the crucial points of this privacy and security policy. We do reserve the right to make changes if this is needed. Any such change shall be shown here.

Our brand name and company have a long term vision, and are not expected to be sold or otherwise control transferred. Yet if such unexpected event should occur, we will insist on the retention of these specific privacy policies and general security measures.

If you have any concerns regarding the use of your information or our website security, please > contact us.