Folding Fan Hats Showroom

AsiaCreations showroom: Folding Sun hatsWelcome to our showroom for Folding Fan Hats.

Our collection currently features 37 models of folding fan hats. The hats are handmade, using a bamboo frame and fabric material. They they can be folded for easy carrying in just about any handbag. When needed, they are quickly expanded to provide cool shade from the sun.

The bamboo frame is lightweight yet strong. As a quickly growing local, natural resource, bamboo is an environmentally friendly material.

The fabric is T/C Cotton (terylene cotton), also a strong and lightweight material, partially natural and, like many other modern fabrics, partially artificial in a 65% cotton, 35% polyester combination.

Versatile and Practical

You'll love the versatility of these folding sun hats, easy to carry and easy to use at the beach, at a sports event, or just plain out on the street. And fold your hat away whenever it is not needed.


Each model is available in sets of 12 and sets of 36 pieces. Find all models in the catalogue at > fan hats. There are two pages to choose from!