Batik Shape Fans - the Tulip

Image: Shaped batik fans - the Tulip

The Batik Shape Tulip Fan is an attractive small gift or give-away, with handmade mulberry paper in colour combination of blue, green and yellow. It uses a sturdy natural bamboo frame. Choose small or large fans and a smaller or larger set.

Fan size:

  • Small: open diameter 30 cm (11¾ in), folded 17x8 cm (6¾x3⅜ in), net weight 23 gram (0.81 oz)
  • Large: open diameter 38 cm (15 in), folded 23x9 cm (9x3½ in), net weight 30 gram (1.06 oz)

Set size:

  • Set of 50 pieces: small, gross weight 2.5 kg; OR large, gross weight 3.0 kg
  • Set of 100 pieces: small OR large, gross weight 8.0 kg

Production time: 5 days

The image shows the Tulip Batik Shape Folding Fan, small size, in colour combination blue, green and yellow. The batik shape folding fans are handmade, so your purchase may show slight variations in size and colours. Use the "Set" selection box to choose small or large fans and a set of 50 or 100 pieces of this Tulip Batik Shape Folding Fan.