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 Banana Paper Greeting Card BC15Welcome to our Greeting Cards Showroom! We like to present to you our greeting cards made of handmade banana paper, hand decorated with natural pressed flowers, leaves and grasses.

Countryside Bananas

Unlike the banana's that you encounter in a western department store, northern Thailand's bananas are generally not grown on plantations. You'll usually find them in the countryside's ubiquitous small private patches, either as a source of additional income for rice or vegetable farmers, or as a self-sufficiency source of food and nutrition.

These home grown bananas are often of the "sweet banana" type, they are somewhat smaller and, as the name indicates, positively delicious. They're said to be of high nutritional value, and one of the first "solid" foods that babies will receive.

Banana Paper

There are other surprising uses for the banana plant. One of these is paper making.

In a small scale process using mainly manual equipment, the banana tree trunk is converted into a mulch, which is then turned into paper. All by hand, with the exception of a mixer, which is electrically powered. Our banana paper is both handmade in small-scale family operations and eco-friendly. And banana pure, as there are no other papers or fibres mixed with it.

Our handmade banana making process is the third alternative that is not described in wikipedia article Banana paper making There only two processes are known: making paper-like fibres by hand, or an industrialised paper making process. Our banana paper is true paper and it is handmade. (Update 15 Dec 2011: shortly after we placed this article and link, the wikipedia page was updated to reflect handmade banana paper making).

We also keep the paper as natural as possible - this gives the paper the brownish tint. But it can also be coloured with natural, food-grade colourants.

Banana Paper Greeting Cards

All banana paper cards are hand decorated with natural pressed flowers, leaves and grasses, and in some cases with multi-coloured banana paper designs. These all originate from our home gardens and countryside, where they grow in full abundance. You'll appreciate their natural appeal.

We these cards our environmentally friendly and people friendly greeting cards.

Each model is available in a set of 6 and a set of 12 cards. To order more cards of given models, simply adjust the quantity of your favourite sets.


Find the details of each model in our catalogue at > greeting cards. Note that the catalogue has two pages to choose from!