The showroom intends to give our customers and users a general overview and information of our items, what they are made of, how they are made, their product features and expected environmental impact - without the sometimes bothersome and ubiquitous "buy it now", right now, not a minute to waste, button.

Look and Relax

We take pride in showing and explaining our products. This is what the showroom is for. When you have a question about any of our items, just contact us and we'll be happy to clarify further. This is a manufacturer's showroom, we know our products from the ground up and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Our showroom contains the following product lines:

So have a leisurely look at the showroom. For some of the specific product details, do look it up in the product catalogue.

Product Catalogue

When browsing the catalogue, you'll quickly notice three things: products are generally available in sets, they are produced to order and our prices are low. This is because we are a manufacturer /exporter and like to do things the way that we do best. We choose product configurations that increase productivity and economy of scale, both for you, our customer as well as for manufacturing and shipping.

Basically we have configured sets of products that we believe represent your best value in view of manufacturing and shipping cost - while the sets still represent reasonable retail quantities.

In the product catalogue, you can view the details on a per product basis and add an item, meaning a set, to the cart. The cart calculates the shipping cost for you. You can check shipping cost without entering a lot of details: simply go to the checkout page and only enter your country and state/province. Click "calculate". This will calculate your shipping options.

We pay particular attention in knowing our products, the persons who make them, how they are made and the materials that go into them. You'll notice this in the showroom and on the individual product pages.


As a manufacturer we can personalise and customise most of our items. But this is difficult to arrange by automated shopping cart - so it is not possible at this time. All personalisations and customisations are also handmade, so in order for us to have a clear understanding of your idea its much better that you send us a customisation request. Just contact us.

Contacting us

If you have any question regarding your intended order, your shipping options, you wish to apply a customisation, or have any other question, feel free to > contact us. We usually reply within 24 hours.

Why 24 hours? We answer all enquiries ourselves, we do not involve external services. This means we need to allow for about 12 hours round the globe day-time/night-time to be able to answer all enquiries within a working day. We may not be able to reply on Sundays and major holidays in Thailand, where we are located.