Soap Flowers Showroom

AsiaCreations Showroom: Carved Soap Flower type: Cosmos in orange and yellowWith our Carved Soap Flowers, AsiaCreations™ Décor and Fashion proudly presents one of its longest running product lines.

Our soap flowers are hand carved by highly specialised and experienced artisans in the Chiang Mai area, using real pieces of high quality, mildly fragrant soap bars.

Our Carved Soap Flowers are available in eighteen flower types, two sizes, three types of decorative cases. Each soap flower case is individually presented in an attractive mulberry paper box.

Flower Types

We offer 18 different carved Soap Flower types. These are Chrysanthemum, Cosmos, Dahlia, Dianthus, Frangipani, Impala Lily, Ixora, Jasmine, Lady Slipper, Lotus, Orchid, Rose & Chinese Rose, Sacred Lotus, Slipper Orchid, Sunflower, Water Lily and Zinnia. Many in different colour combinations.


Our carved soap flowers are available in one standard size.

  • diameter 7.50 cm, height 7.75 cm, weight 70 gram (US: 2.95 inch, 3.10 inch, 2.47 oz.)
Decorative Cases

Each Soap Flower is embedded in a wooden case in the shape of a sphere. The case protects the Soap Flower, since the flower is quite delicate and is generally not handled directly. Each case has a cover that is easily closed and easily removed. According to your choice, the cover is decorated with embossed designs, lacquered painting, or natural coconut wood. These are the three types of cases:

  • mango wood spheres with embossing
  • mango wood spheres with lacquered design
  • coconut designer spheres (not always available)

Our Soap Flower cases use environmentally friendly mango tree wood and environmentally friendly coconut tree wood. Use of these woods does not impact on natural forests and rainforests.

Individual Packaging

Each Soap Flower with its case is packaged in an attractive Mulberry paper box, decorated with a hemp cord.


Our Soap Flowers are available in sets of twenty-seven pieces. Each set contains three different Soap Flower types with either mango wood embossed, lacquered or coconut wood cases, according to your choice.

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