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AsiaCreations Showroom: Carved Soap Flower type: Cosmos in orange and yellowWelcome to our Showroom for Handmade Bamboo Umbrellas!

In our area of southeast Asia, bamboo is an abundant and quickly growing plant. Naturally, craftswomen and craftsmen over the centuries have honed their skills of crafting it into an abundance of products, both for household and decorative use. It is a very workable and strong material. At the same time it is environmentally friendly because it is easily planted and grows very quickly. After useful product life, it decomposes naturally under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, such as by composting or in modern landfills.

Our area is a major bamboo umbrella production centre. Our craftswomen and craftsmen are highly skilled, producing both traditional and modern bamboo umbrellas, covered with leather-oiled cotton, mulberry paper and environmentally friendly, high-tech, UV protective film. Needless to say, bamboo umbrella's are one of the flagships in the AsiaCreations™ Décor and Fashion product line-up.

Traditional Asian Umbrellas

Made with a bamboo frame, using cotton, leather-oil and a secret water-resistant compound, our traditional Asian umbrellas will protect you from the sun and from the rain. They have the typical, relatively straight and flat look, that makes Asian umbrellas so attractive. They are made in a wide range of colours from bright to pastel, including gold, silver and black. The traditinal red vermilion umbrella is one of the most popular versions, in addition to orange (Marigold), and off-white. In Asia, gold and silver are often used in traditional festivities. With a number of coatings, they are slightly heavier and sturdier than a normal umbrella.

Our traditional Asian umbrellas are available in three sizes, small (75 cm /28 inch diameter), medium (85 cm /34 inch diameter) and large (100 cm /40 inch diameter). The medium size weighs about 450 gram / 16 ounces.

Paper Umbrellas

Made with a bamboo frame and covered with Mulberry paper, our paper umbrellas are mainly used for sun protection. Mulberry paper making had been a traditional craft centuries ago, but the local craft came into disuse around the 19th century. The Japanese noticed the local Mulberry trees and revived the mulberry paper making craft to alleviate a serious paper shortage during WWII. Consequently this led to the revival of the Mulberry paper making craft. Nowadays there are hundreds of Mulberry paper styles, colours and design patterns that are all used in paper umbrella making. Our catalogue shows the most popular selections.

Our paper umbrellas are available in the same sizes as our traditional umbrellas. The medium size weighs about 300 gram /11 ounces. We also have available mini paper umbrellas as small as 25 cm /10 inch diameter. Contact us for these, since they are not yet taken up in our online product catalogue.

Brelli® Brand Umbrellas

Since 2009, our sister workshop also produces the Brelli brand umbrella. It is a strong, yet lightweight, high-quality umbrella crafted from selected bamboo, covered with a transparent high-tech film with 99% UVA/B/C protection (What is UV?). The film, and the entire umbrella has also been made to be earth friendly. Using the best of two worlds, the high-tech film is produced in the US, the bamboo frame is made in Thailand. After useful life, it is fully degradable under aerobic and anaerobic landfill conditions. The Brelli has been tested in an independent US wind tunnel laboratory to withstand wind of 40 mph. Its UV protection is fully certified. Watch the Brelli.

The Brelli has been featured in design, décor and fashion magazines VOGUE, ELLE, Women's Health, TIME, HOME, Conde Nast Traveler, Natural Solutions, Desert Living, EXTRABlatt, and many others. It is a Design Plus award winner.

The Brelli is produced in four transparent film versions, clear, clear printed, grey and pink. It is shipped in an attractive and practical, natural cotton case. It is available in sizes brief (fits a standard briefcase), extra small, small, medium and large.

You can purchase the Brelli from a retailer in your area:

- Have a look at Jan's Brelli review video ("Curated x Holstee") at > Brelli review video on youtube
- In the US, you can purchase it directly with free shipping (a small handling fee applies) at > the Brelli, USA (among others)
- In Germany and Europe you can find the Brelli at > ExtraGifts, Deutschland, Amazon and others
- In Japan you can find the Brelli at > Amazon, Japan (among others)

Wedding Decor and Wedding Favors

Aside from everyday sun and rain protection, our customers also use our umbrellas for wedding decor and wedding favours. If you wish us to personalise your umbrellas, let us know before making a purchase. For any question, just > contact us.


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